Why We Love Dogs & How to Love Dogs Best

Not surprising to the millions of dog people out there, US pet owners are most likely to own a canine friend (or several). Serta® is made up of dog-people, so we’re taking a look at why dogs improve the quality of life so doggone much, and what you can do to keep that relationship healthy and long-lasting.


Why are dogs such good pets?


Dogs have a positive effect on health & wellbeing. According to the American Kennel Club, there are many scientifically supported benefits of dog ownership. This is a fun and informative read that includes facts such as: Interacting with a dog reduces stress and can help lower blood pressure. Bonding with your dog causes the release of oxytocin (the love hormone). Dogs significantly reduce the risk of depression in the single & elderly population, where loneliness may threaten general wellbeing. Since dogs need exercise, you get your exercise too. Studies suggest dog owners walk nearly twice as much as non-dog owners.


Dogs can make you feel safe. A dog’s natural protection instinct can add to your peace of mind. Like having a personal bodyguard by your side, a dog can increase your sense of safety during a daily jog, or a during a night’s sleep. Important side note: choosing the right guard dog for your family is a task to consider very carefully. Each breed has its benefits and unique requirements.


Dogs are great for personal development. Many couples find dog ownership to be the perfect way to wade into the ocean of parenting. The experience of caring for your first puppy together is a valuable way to learn about yourself and your partner as you care for a completely dependent (and occasionally frustrating) third party. Puppy care is parenting with training wheels.

And speaking of raising young humans, pet ownership is great for kids on multiple levels. Owning a dog is a chance for your progenies to practice relationship building while boosting their self-confidence and willingness to take on responsibility.


Dog Care: The Necessities


Here are a few easy care tips and recommendations to get you off on the right foot (or paw).


Choose wisely. You have a lot of options from when it comes to meeting your dog’s most fundamental needs, and don’t be afraid to be picky about providing healthcare, quality nutrition, and appropriate shelter. Take your time and find a compassionate veterinarian, select a quality brand of food (a dog food delivery service can save you some legwork), and give your animal a good place to rest his head.

A quality pet bed is one of the best ways to make sure your animal is getting restorative sleep, and a crucial tool to supporting your pet’s comfort in her geriatric years.



Like any relationship worth investing in, creating an optimal quality of life for your valued furry family member will take some work. But don’t worry: the benefits make it all worthwhile.

Questions? Tips for new dog owners? What are some techniques or products you couldn’t do Dog-Life without? Let us hear from you in the comments.