From Tossing and Turning to Sweet, Satisfying Slumber

Beating the heat starts with your sleep habits. Hot, sticky sleeping conditions leave you feeling unprepared, unproductive and, generally, unpleasant to be around. Why? Because an unrested mind is a reactive mind, and summer scorchers can leave you running on E.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Introducing Serta’s 10-in Queen Hybrid Mattress—a dynamic, diverse alternative to sweating through the night. Say hello to our Queen Hybrid’s breathable gel foams and superior, specially-designed coil technology today.

That means beauty rest is well within reach this summer, thanks to this bed’s revitalizing, comfort-first design—specially-designed to keep you cool, calm and collected through the hot, humid and sticky summer days ahead.

So if you’re looking for deep sleep over counting sheep, start with Serta’s 10-in Queen Hybrid mattress—complete with cooling gel memory foam, full body support and a 90-day test-rest guarantee.