How Long Should I Nap? (And Other Nap-Related Questions)

Let’s talk naps. They’re great. Revitalizing. Transformative. There’s no question about it.But you might have other questions about naps. And we’ve got the answers.

How long should a nap last?

It’s called “the sweet spot.” Or at least that’s what we call it. And it should fall between 20 to 30 minutes of sleep time. Anything less than that might not be enough, leaving you unsatisfied. And anything more than that might leave you feeling groggy.

What are some of the benefits of napping?

– Potentially better heart health

– Reduced stress and anxiety

– Improved cognitive function

– Less food cravings

– Improved overall mood and social interaction

What is the best time of day for a nap?

Between 1pm and 4pm—to get over the midday hump.

Where to nap?

That depends on you and what type of nap you’re in the mood for (see below for types of naps). The couch or a recliner—those guys know what it means to live comfortably—or curl up on your memory foam, hybrid, or inner spring mattress. Just make sure you set that alarm clock. Our iComfort and Perfect Sleeper mattresses are aptly named. You’ve been warned.

Are all naps the same?

No, they’re not. There are different types of naps and each delivers a different level of comfort.

What are some of the many types of naps?

These are some of our favorites:

Caffeine nap (aka “napalattes” or “nappaccinos”): A nap taken just after drinking a cup of coffee (or other form of caffeine). The caffeine will kick in just as you reach the ideal naptime of 20 to 30 minutes (see above). Also known as a “napalatte” or “nappaccino”.

Micro nap: This nap lasts under 20 minutes and is ideal for the busiest of people who operate on extremely tight schedules.

Power nap: Lasting the ideal 20 to 30 minutes, we could argue that this is really just a regular nap. Anyone looking to boost mental clarity, creativity and energy should try it. (See below for more benefits of napping.)

Leisure nap (aka “the Sunday nap”): There’s no rhyme or reason to this type of nap. Taken at any given time and/or place, this is a nap for when you’re bored or just feeling lazy. Essentially, a #LIFEGOALS nap. If you’re napping like this, you’ve made it.

What countries have a “siesta” culture? And should I move there?

Italy, Greece, Nigeria, Brazil, and Mexico—to name a few.And if you’re into kicking back and snoozing in the middle of the day because society says so, then yes, you should absolutely move there.

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