It’s getting warmer out. Chances are you’ve been spending more time at home, practicing your social distancing. The kids have been home for months, but with school out, you can now take “Teacher” off your resume and focus on your regular job. You long to spend your days outside, grilling at the park, boogie boarding at the beach, or just generally thawing out after the long winter.

Whether you’re able to get to a secluded beach, or plan to stay home this summer, you need an escape from the hot weather – especially when you sleep.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing cozy about being sweaty and sleepless, or having to peel yourself off of your bedsheets. You could crank the AC—if you’ve got it. But there are other ways to stay cool and comfortable in bed.

So conserve that energy. Cut that cost. And follow some of these tips.

Mattresses can be cool.

Some mattresses are made with innovative, cooling tech and cooling memory foams, like what’s found in the Serta Hybrid and iComfort mattresses. These components help to get to your ideal sleep temperature, so you can stay comfortable throughout the night.

Breathable bedsheets.

Smothering. Suffocating. Neither are good qualities to have in relationships. The same goes for bedsheets. For true, ventilated comfort, you’ll want some breathable, cotton sheets.

Don’t overdress for the occasion.

It’s bedtime. The coolest outfit is the skimpiest. Light PJs will keep you comfy throughout the night. And if you’re tempted to strip down completely, keep in mind that sweat gets whisked away with cloth—so maybe reconsider donning your birthday suit.

Use a more well-rounded pillow.

Why settle for a pillow with only one cool side? Some pillows are made with the same cooling technology as those cool mattresses we mentioned earlier. Like our “Very Cool+” pillow that gives you a soft, cool-to-the-touch surface, and won’t go flat!

Try one or try them all. Visit for more cool, Serta products and have them delivered to your door, or find your local Lowe’s for free, curbside pickup!